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NATEODA Newsletter May 2022

2nd Edition of the NATEODA newsletter

4 May 2022

This project is the sole effort of Woody Eastwood and it is not to be assumed that the Association will Continue this in the future.


National Officers 

James E Duncan – Commander
Woody Eastwood -Vice Commander
Lew Weinberg – Treasurer
Stu Steinberg – Adjutant
Bobby Steagall – Webmaster
Ted Carlson – Webmaster
John C Scott – Director
Chet Heidl Director 

Vietnam Veterans Chapter

Michael Tavano – Commander
Dave Tipton – Director/Quartermaster Adjutant
Stu Steinberg – Coordinator of Veterans Benefits 


I have now been your Vice Commander for 5 Months and wow! I have learned a lot.


Stuart Steinberg and his committee, continue to work on changes to the bylaws of the Association and they are to be made available through our website and emailed to you for review, and will be voted on for approval at the St Louis Convention.


Our website is still under construction, and we hope that it will be completed soon, and that it will make it much easier for us to get information out to you. The set-up of the Convention page on the website was completed in April and is available for you to register for both the Convention and the Hotel. I also added a YouTube video to give you a look at the hotel and some of the activities in St Louis. Check it out at Register for the Convention.

Dave Tipton and Julie Kline (Host of the St Louis Convention), continue getting the Convention ready for your arrival, they have laid out an eventful and exciting agenda for us.


Mike Vining, as Chair of the Nominations Committee is working on the slate of Candidates for this coming election, virtually all National Officers will be on the ballot. We need talented people to fulfill these positions and carry on the traditions of the National EOD Association. Get your recommendations for candidates in to Mike as soon as possible. I am looking forward to seeing some new young faces on the ballot.

We need new members, so I ask all of you to encourage your fellow EOD friends to become active members of the Association. 



May {the first Saturday} is National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Day, It is your day, wear it proudly, you have earned it and I think you! 

Check out my post on Facebook National EOD Group.



On Sunday, 1 May 2022

Poland’s Armed forces begin Military exercises involving thousands of NATO Soldiers. The Polish Army said that 18,000 soldiers from over 20 countries were taking part in the Defender Europe 2022 and Swift Response 2022 exercises that are taking place in Poland and eight other countries. The exercises are scheduled to run May 1-27.


Ukraine EOD is still in need of our support

Friends of Ukraine

Bomb Techs Without Borders


Tom Manders is our Facebook Group leader and is doing a great job keeping our members, informed, and enlightened. If you haven’t checked-in there recently, you need to chek it out at:


For those of you needing assistance with VA Benefits

Stu Steinberg is Our Coordinator and may be able to help you.

Contact him at: Vet Benefits


We still have a large list of members who have not renewed their memberships, reach out to your friends, and encourage them to support us.


I would really like your feedback on this newsletter. Woody Eastwood  [email protected]


My thoughts for this day

“Let he who loves his Country with his heart, and not merely with his lips, FOLLOW ME!


Visit our website often at:

We ask that you update your profile information and add a photo. Make it easy for your friends to find you.