The Association welcomes all qualified persons regardless of race, religion, age, national origin, gender or sexual orientation. There are three types of NATEODA membership: Regular, Associate, and Corporate.


Current members use the Renew Membership form to activate an account on this website and update their membership when paying dues.


Regular Membership

Any person who attended the Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal at Indian Head, Maryland, or Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, served honorably in an explosive ordnance disposal capacity in any of the U.S. armed forces, and can provide evidence of honorable service is eligible for regular membership in NATEODA.

Also eligible for regular membership are service members who were assigned to military EOD duties without attending a recognized military EOD school, awarded the EOD military occupational specialty, served honorably in any of the US armed forces, and can provide evidence of honorable service.

Regular members pay dues and are allowed to vote on Association business. The dues are $50.00 for two years.

Associate Membership

Any person, group, or organization (military or civilian) not eligible for regular NATEODA membership, may apply to join as associate members. Associate membership is contingent on approval of the Association officers.
Associate members pay dues and may attend but not vote at the annual convention. The dues are $50 for two years.

Corporate Membership

Corporate members support the EOD community and are invited to join the Association. The dues are $150.00 for two years and include three associate memberships.

Renew Membership for Current Members

Current members register for access to the Members page by completing a Renew Membership form to update our records. If membership dues are current, a registration link will be emailed for the login and password. If dues are not current, an invoice for past dues will be sent. A registration link will be sent when the dues are current.

If a new or current member wants to pay dues with a personal check, submit the online application and send a message to us on the Contact page.


Our treasurer, David Johannes, suffered a stroke on April 5, 2021. The early signs have elements of promise and he has made a courageous recovery in the month since his stroke.

We all certainly wish him well, and a speedy recovery. 

However, this means that transactions will not be possible for a month at least. Patience will be needed by all parties. We are working with our site developers to install software that will automate much of the payment/renewal/and initial membership process. This again will take some time to learn as well as to fine tune.

Please keep David in your prayers. He has contributed substantially to the  NATEODA.



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