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5th Edition of the NATEODA newsletter

1 August 2022

This project is the sole effort of Woody Eastwood, and it is not to be assumed that the Association will continue this in the future.

National Officers
James E Duncan – Commander
Woody Eastwood -Vice Commander
Lew Weinberg – Treasurer
Stu Steinberg – Adjutant
Bobby Steagall – Webmaster
Ted Carlson – Webmaster
John C Scott – Director
Chet Heidl Director
Irvin Banta III, National EOD Association Chaplain
Bob Leiendecker, National EOD Association Historian
SGM Mike Vining, US Army retired, our “go-to” for anything “EOD”
Vietnam Veterans Chapter
Michael Tavano – Commander Vietnam Veterans Chapter
Dave Tipton – Director/Quartermaster
Adjutant -Vietnam Vets Chapter
Stu Steinberg – Coordinator of Veterans Benefits


Letter from the NATEODA Commander

Jame E Duncan

TO: All NATEODA Members

I would like to see everyone at the Convention this year In St Louis, Mo.

The officers have worked hard on getting the Convention set up for the first time in several years. So let us make it a very good one this year, so get your reservations in as soon as you can, the deadline is coming soon.

The Vice Commander has worked hard trying to get our new website up and when finished will be a great working website for our membership to stay in touch with the Association.

I would like to see each member try and get an EOD friend or other EOD military person to join the association we need new members so we can continue to grow.

At the conventions that I have attended the same questions always come up about convention attendance, difficulties in staying in touch with each other, and the growth of the association. The new website that is being worked on will make it easier for the members to stay in touch with each other and will have all the news and other information available to them. I believe in NATEODA. We need to do a better job of remembering who we are and honoring our EOD service.

NATEODA is unique as the one all-service association for EOD technicians who have served and are still serving. We need to welcome all EOD technicians regardless of other affiliations.

This year at the convention I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas on alternatives that have helped other groups. We need to have everyone including spouses (that’s wives for us old guys), in the room. Our discussion will be exploring meeting frequency, meeting locations, and meeting activities that will make them more interesting and worth attending. We need new ideas on keeping the Association growing.

James E Duncan


National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Association

A Personal Note from the Vice Commander

Well, I think I have my feet firmly planted on the ground as your Vice Commander. It has been challenging to say the least.

I have tried to meet each challenge head-on and with vigor.

I have seriously analyzed the status of our Association. I think we are at a critical stage and need to adopt innovative new ideas and methods of operation to survive and progress. We have to attract members who will be involved and will seek and implement some novel ideas to get us on track for the future of NATEODA. I am open to suggestions and positive feedback on just how we do this going forward. I am especially interested in what can we offer our membership to make the association more attractive to the younger generation of EOD Technicians.


We attempted to bring our new website online and found bugs that prevented that from happening. We have analyzed that situation and made the decision to bring our old website back until we can work those bugs out. That process resulted in about 10 days without any website. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

As it stands now, we will keep the old site up until after the convention.

We will keep you informed on the progress of the new site.



2022 NATEODA Convention Registration Deadline is Approaching Quickly!

The registration deadline for the 2022 NATEODA Convention in St. Louis is closing on the 18th of August.

Convention Information:

Convention Registration: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Hotel Reservation:  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Start by reading the convention information on our website. Reserve your place at our convention and hotel with these links. We have to get confirmations in by the deadline.

After the hotel rooms are released and convention registrations are closed, we cannot guarantee our rate for your hotel room and reservations for the Friday night dinner.

Please register today!

Wednesday 27 July 2022

St Louis Deluge

Record rainfall drenched the greater St. Louis area Tuesday, with flash floods leading to one death and displacing dozens of residents from their homes.



Electronic Voting will begin on 13 August 2022 and end on 13 September 2022.

We need nominations to be considered for a position on the Board of Directors.

Send us your resume – include your qualifications and state why you want that position. Include a recent photo.

Applications must be received by 6 August to be considered

The following positions are open for candidates:

>>> Click on their Photo to see their Bio! <<<

NATEODA Commander, current and running for reelection James E Duncan

NATEODA Vice Commander, Current and running for reelection Woodward (Woody) Eastwood

NATEODA Treasurer, outgoing Treasurer and not seeking another term is Lew Weinberg

John V Simpson, candidate for the position of Treasurer

James P Sanders, candidate for the position of Treasurer

NATEODA Adjutant, current and running for reelection Stuart Steinberg

There are 3 Director positions on the board of directors.

Outgoing  Director, John C Scott and not seeking another term

Terry Fitzgerald Candidate for NATEODA Director

Roger MacCormack Candidate for NATEODA Director

Director Dave Tipton is seeking reelection

Director, Chet Heidl is seeking reelection

Become a Board Member this election and let’s all work hard to improve and grow the Association.

>>>>>Very Important Information<<<<<

Our Election this year will be by electronic voting, the program we will use is “Election Buddy”. When voting begins (1200 hrs on 13 August 2022) you will receive by email, a notice from election buddy, with a link to the ballot. If you do not receive it, CHECK your email TRASH and SPAM folders, as your email may send the notice to those mailboxes. Please complete the ballot as per the instructions. If the Ballot does not have a candidate for a position, write in your choice to fill that position.


Melissa {Mo} Tackitt will be at our Convention in St. Louis to give you all the latest news about the EOD Warrior Foundation. Let’s give her a large Welcome!

The EOD Warrior Foundation will be placing biodegradable wooden EOD discs at Arlington National Cemetery on 23 & 24 September 2022. They are seeking volunteers for the program. A wreath will also be placed at the Tomb of the Unknown.


The EOD Warrior Foundation (EODWF) offers Peer Support & Suicide Prevention help on its website: EOD Warrior Foundation

On the EODWF website link, you will see a block marked “After the long walk.  EOD peer-to-peer assistance and support hotline.”  That link will redirect you to this Facebook link: After the Long Walk
You can join the group if you are on Facebook and you can just call 888-412-0470.  When you call that number you will be able to talk to an active-duty EOD tech.  If you are struggling and just want to talk about what you’re going through they are there to listen, and if you need advice they can try and help with that also.  The EOD techs answering the phone will be one of your peers.
The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is now only three digits, just dial 988.  If you are active-duty or a veteran then dial 1 in the selection.


The National EOD Association Supports the EOD/IED & Countermine


October 26-27, 2022 | The Sunset Room, National Harbor, MD

Defense Strategies Institute’s 9th Annual EOD/IED & Countermine Symposium will bring together members of the various Military branches& Federal Government agencies to discuss the current initiatives toward advancing domestic and international counter-IED missions in support of US National Security. Senior-level speakers at this forum will examine the various ways they are collaborating on neutralizing the threat that these various types of explosives can cause to the Warfighter & to vital critical infrastructure in the Homeland. This forum will also offer attendees insight into the emerging innovative technologies, enhanced training, and methods of intelligence gathering that are vital to successful EOD and demining initiatives in the era of Strategic Competition.

See Their Website 


Our Military Snipers are Awesome!

 I wanted to share this video with you.

>Warning – This video shows an American sniper taking out enemy targets.

Meet and Welcome our Newest & Renewing Members!

Welcome to the National EOD Association!

Justin Rodewald

Benjamin Markow

Anthony Glazier

Tim Collister

Valentine Nzengung

Thomas Riley

John Simpson

Anthony Mami

Leroy Hunter

The Board of Director’s treasures each member, feel free to reach out to any of us.

Throw Back Thursday

Babe Lester Fucuals, Rest easy, Ole Friend, we’ve got the watch!

NATEODA Convention 2003, Branson, Missouri.

………………….That’s All for this month……………….

We will see you in St. Louis