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Ukraine: ‘It’s simple and cheap’, the volunteers making Trembita bomb

July 9, 2023

At an industrial estate near Kyiv, a group of engineers stand next to a tube. The metal device is part of a homemade rocket. After twiddling with an ignition cable, the engine sparks into flame. There is a terrifying, ear-splitting roar. Two dogs that guard the compound slink away and hide; swallows fly off. The center of the pipe glows red. After a minute, the awful din stops.

Welcome to the Trembita, also known as the “people’s missile”. The prototype is Ukraine’s 21st-century answer to the V-1 flying bomb, or doodlebug, the long-range missile used by Nazi Germany during the second world war against targets in southeast England.

This file photo taken on April 05, 2016 shows smoke and fire billowing during a controlled explosion by Yemeni experts to destroy explosives and mines laid by Huthi rebels, in the southern city of Aden. (AFP)

Yemen: Two demining workers killed in Saada explosion


Two Yemeni demining workers have been killed while attempting to disarm stacked landmines laid by the Iran-backed Houthis in the northern province of Saada.

The casualties monitoring group, the Yemeni Landmine Records, said the workers were operating as part of a team in the government-controlled Al-Bouqa area when two anti-tank mines placed on top of each other exploded as they tried to defuse them.

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