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Are donations to NATEODA tax deductible?

Our Association is a Section 501(c)(3) charity under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code

We will gratefully send our tax-qualified Thank-You letter for that $250 or higher contribution.

Why do we have a new website?

The new website has many features that we need to stay connected with each other. It’s now easy to visit from any mobile device. It has online forms making it easier to join, contact us, and register for the convention. It lets us continually update and share information with you. It also has a secure members area that will let us share private information for the association and members.

How did we get a new website?

The officers and directors asked several national website design companies to submit a bid to create a new website in July 2020. We chose SilverFox Web Designs in Boise. The design work started in September and the new website was launched on Veterans Day, November 11, 2020. The SilverFox web team worked with Joe Jimenez and David Johannes to create the design, content and functionality of the website.

What about the RSP and Newsletters?

This website will replace both the RSP and Newsletters. The ease of updating plus availability on so many different platforms makes this a far better choice for keeping membership informed.
Some “Broadcast” emails will still go out as helpful reminders, and it is also planned to do as much voting as possible in an electronic format.
Fear not: We will not trash your email with seasonal sales on brake lining material or coupons for left handed titanium bladed lemon zesters etc.

How do I get into the Members page?

Current members can get access to the Members page by submitting a renewal membership application form on the Join page. We will use the information to update our membership directory and check the dues status. If you are paid up, you will get a registration link. If not, you will get an invoice to pay past dues before you get the registration link.

When will I get my membership card?

With the new website, many of the membership functions have also been improved. There is still more work to put the new membership management processes in place, such as updating our directory. New cards will come with the membership renewal process that provides access to the secure member page.

How can I contact someone at the Association?

Use the form on the Contact page.

Can I see the website on my phone?

Absolutely! It’s one of the main reasons we completely rebuilt the website. You can take it with you.

Where are the news stories coming from?

The news stories come from sources on the web – and from you. If you have a story about your unit, send us the story or the web link and we will post it.

Will we have a convention in 2022?

Yes the Convention for 2022 is scheduled for 13-17 September 2022, at the Sheraton Westport Lakeside Chalet, in St Louis, MO. Keep an eye on the Convention page for updates.

Will we have the new NATEODA logo on patches, pins, shirts and hats?

We will be ordering new patches, pins, shirts and hats.

Why do we have a new logo?

The board decided to refresh the 1988 logo and approved a new modern design that gives us much more flexibility on how and where we use it. The new logo brings with it the badge and red bomb from the retired one, and adds four stars for the Army Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force. The background color is one of the camouflage colors on every combat uniform.


Which illnesses are considered to be caused by exposure to herbicides in South Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, or Blue Water Navy soldiers who were within the 12-mile limit off the coast of South Vietnam?

Many veterans ask about illnesses they believe were caused by exposure. The list of diseases that are presumed to be caused by exposure can be found at These are the only diseases that can be claimed as service-connected. In some cases, however, if we can show that the veteran was “directly exposed”, i.e., he was in an area that had been recently sprayed, service-connection is a possibility.

How can I get my military personnel and medical records?

Using Standard Form 180, you can order these records from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis for records prior to the early 2000s. If a claim has been previously filed, after a year the medical records are sent to a VA Archives in St. Louis. In cases involving Marine, Navy and Air Force records after the mid-2000s, the records are kept at the various services’ records facilities. On page 3 of the SF-180, a list of where each services’ records are located can be found. The mailing address for the VA Archives is also on the list. When people are discharged currently, their medical records are automatically sent to the VA Archives.

Where can I find VA forms?

Go to the VA web site,, and scroll down to the bottom. Click on the link to VA forms. It will take you to a page that allows you to search for a form. If you know the form’s number, such as VA Form 21-526EZ (claim form for service-connected disability compensation), put that in the search box, and it will take you to the form. If you do not know the form number, type a description of the form you are seeking in the box. This could be something like “disability compensation claim form.”

How can I find a service officer?

Go to the website of any of the veteran service organizations. In the case of Vietnam Veterans of America, the homepage will show a link to find a VVA service officer. If no VSOs are listed in your state, your county probably has a state-funded service officer program. All of the major service organizations—VFW, DAV, America Legion, etc.—have service officers and you can find one near you on their website